Sunday, 12 May 2013

Wig Wam Bam - Fun in the May Day sun

The sunshine is making an appearance - well trying to. May Day Bank Holiday was glorious so we headed out into the garden to make a WigWam in the sun.

Little Man was intrigued by the possibility of a new hiding den and was eager to help.  The Wigwam was really easy to construct and the poles and canvas covering were made from, in my opinion, good quality materials.

Firstly we unpacked the contents, laying them out carefully and slotting the poles together to make them longer, and the included instructions were concise and easy to follow which made the whole thing easy.

The shape of the Wigwam came together quickly and all the pieces fitted together well and no extra tools were needed in its construction.
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The canvas that covers the Wigwam was a lot thicker and more substantial than I thought it would be and I was very impressed by this, the poles sit inside a 'pocket' at the base of the canvas (see middle photo above) rather than a method using ties around the poles.  I think this works better for use with younger children especially from a safety point of view and held the Wigwam structure together firmly along with a velcro strip halfway up the poles. The only area that is tied using cord was at the very top where the poles meet.  This was well out of reach of my nearly 3 year old but he was supervised in the Wigwam at all times so this was not an issue for us. You can see the Technical Specifications here.

I loved the bright designs on the Wigwam canvas and they gave it a real Aztech feel. Each section of the Wigwam had its own pattern, deers, rabbits or lizards with a red pattern along the bottom incorporating a green cactus.  The Wigwam door has a a red zigzag with a bright cheerful sun on each side of the opening.

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Once the Wigwam was constructed I was surprised how much shade it provided, this is probably due to the thickness of the canvas covering, although it is not obviously UV protection against the sun itself.  The top of the Wigwam by the top poles had a well stitched opening that allowed extra air to circulate through it. Again this had its own bright design in keeping with the rest of the Wigwam patterns and designs.

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In no time at all our Garden Games Wigwam was ready to use and Little Man had a great time sitting in the new den which had enough room for his fold up garden chair in it.  He took his toys in and played happily for ages.

This Wigwam is, in my opinion, far superior to anything made from plastic and when we were heading in after playing we didn't take the whole thing down but merely collapsed the poles together at the height they were and wrapped the canvas round them.  The whole thing then, with a little persuasion, slotted back into the box with about 1/3 of it above the top of the box.  This means when we want to use it again we just pull it out of the box, open up the poles into the Wigwam shape and its ready to go again in no time at all - Wig Wam Bam!
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