Sunday, 12 May 2013

To the quick witted people of Twitter - come on confess....

Do you ever wish you were funny?  Now I do have a laugh when I look in the mirror (well it's better than shedding a tear at the onslaught of my wrinkles!) but no I mean funny like witty.

I often read peoples bio's on their Twitter accounts and sigh as I laugh at their witty, humorous descriptions of themselves, I have seen loads that had me smirking like a fool and desperately trying to get my obviously not that way inclined mind to think of something as clever and witty to say about myself - and fail miserably.

Am I not funny? Well I have a sarcastic sense of humour and that is brought to the fore when I spend time with Eldest Son who's quick wit has me in stitches - he has the 'humour gene' but as soon as I have finally found something funny to spurt out the moment has passed or it no longer seems as funny as it did when it was whirling around in my oh to serious head just a few moments before.


So do these people with the quirky, witty bio's on Twitter spend ages thinking them up (come on say yes so I can feel better about myself) or do they just pour from their fingers into their PC's like water from a tap?  Have I lost my sense of humour? How do I get it back if that's the case?  I could be chasing around after it for ages if thats the case.

As I have got older I laugh less and life seems to be too serious and mundane and that needs to stop. Worry seems to have absorbed my funny bone and taken over without me even realising.  I find myself worrying about things that have never, will probably never happen and spend way too much time thinking about "What if?"

So for those lucky quick witted people of the world - come on confess your secret ability to make something funny seem effortless, oh and throw some my way please!!