Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Gallery - Sky (week 111)

I caught sight of the wonderful 'Sky' photos that bloggers have entered on The Gallery this week and thought I would add my own.

It was taken driving home one evening and the sky was so beautiful I just had to pull over into a layby and take a photo of it.

Have you got any stunning photos of the sky that you are just bursting to share? Click the icon below and share away...

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Monday, 20 August 2012

Mathmos Chuppi Night Light review

Little Man has always been easy to get to sleep... until recently.  He has started to be unsettled at bedtime and we now have to leave on the main hall light all night to help with this.

Having on a main light, even if its not in the bedroom, has caused some sleep problems for me as I need darkness to get a good nights sleep so the Mathmos Chuppi Night Light has been somewhat of a help when it comes to bedtime.

The Chuppi night light is wireless so can be used anywhere in the room and means no risk of it being pulled by its lead by little ones. The light is charged by setting it onto the charging base (included) and plugging in and charges in a very short space of time. The lead on the charging unit was ample.

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We put the light to charge each morning when we wake and he is ready for use again that night. Once charged Chuppi can be placed wherever needed.  The light goes through a sequence of colour changes or can stay on one colour only and can be set to fade after 30 minutes use or left to provide up to 6 hours of light.

The Mathmos Chuppi Night Light can also be customised to suit your child in that it comes with 2 sheets of stickers that can be added to the Chuppi 'face'.  There is a good range of stickers to suit, from those that a small baby would find fun right through to older children and each sticker is reuseable. The stickers are easily removed so that you can change your Chuppi character whenever you wish.  Although the Chuppi night light is suitable for ages it is recommended that the stickers are used by children aged 3 years and above so parents can have fun designing a character for their smaller children - and I did!

I was really impressed at how light the light was in terms of weight and also the variety of colours in the sequence it emits.  The light is fairly non-evasive as it is not a bright light but does project enough light into the dark room to make it very useful when searching out a lost baby dummy in the small hours.

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Now we can turn off the main hall light and let Chuppi go through his colour changing sequence without it disturbing our sleep.  Little Man watches the light whilst he falls asleep and I know I will not disturb him once he had fallen asleep by having to turn off the main light anymore.

You can buy the Mathmos Chuppi Night Light from retailers including Find Me A Gift.

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Large Animal Habaland set - Review

These days finding lasting quality childrens toys is a bit of a test.  We recently bought a wooden playhouse from a well known High Street retailer for it to fall apart within a month and it was only played with by a 1 year old!

The large Animal Habaland set is made of high quality wood and consists of 21 pieces.  Included in the 21 pieces are 6 animals figures (height of figures approx 8 cm) and 15 wooden shapes that can be connected to form flowers and a tree.  The pieces are lovely and bright and can be interchanged to make a variety of different combinations and each are made of beechwood
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The pieces themselves are a perfect size for little hands and are suitable from 1 years and over. I thought Little Man may struggle to get the wooden dowels to fit into the square blocks because of his dexterity at 22 months but I was very wrong and he was soon building and creating his own shapes.
HABA, habaland, Large Animal Habaland Set, review, wooden toy, Wooden playsets, play set, interchanagble blocks, flowers, animals, discovery, imaginary play,  hand/eye coordination,

The faces on the animals are very sweet and includes a sheep, frog, mouse, rabbit, horse and a cow - he happily played for ages with the set.

The large animal playset compliments many of the other HABA sets available so your child can create larger sets.

In my opinion the set was great for hand/eye co-ordination skills, discovery and imaginary play and I really liked that it can be added to others in the range.

Sturdy and of good quality, I can imagine this set lasting for a considerable time and through many hours of play.

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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Saturday is #satcap day - don't you know?!

Can you believe another week has passed?

So its after midnight and officially Saturday so that can only mean one thing - #satcap day!  Think you have a caption for this photo? Great comment away.... better still join in with your own Saturday is Caption day photo here on the 'Flamehaired Goddess of All Things Bloggy' linky.

Go on you know you want to!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Ravensburger Puzzle Club - Disney Pixar montage 1000 piece puzzle

We have been jigsaw puzzling again and with the mixed weather Britain has been having recently it has kept us all entertained.

Ravensburger, Disney, pixar, puzzle, montage, 1000 piece, review, jigsaw

The Ravensburger Disney Pixar montage is made up of 1000 puzzle pieces that features all your favourites from the first Toy Story movie in 1995 to Wall-E in 2008 and covers a total of 9 movies.  Each of the nine movies in the montage shows the main characters and the date of release.  The  puzzle is bright and colourful and each of the pieces features the Ravensburger Soft Click technology that ensures a good fit together of each piece.

We started as always with the edges which were easy to locate and piece together.  As there were 2 Toy Story movies featured this soon made finding the next stage of the jigsaw slightly more difficult as you had to work out which of the 2 movies depicted the pieces fitted.  We decided to piece together the film names next and put them into place.

With film names in place the next stage was to sort the remaining puzzle piece into groups by judging which movie they came from.  The orange of Finding Nemo and green of A Bugs Life were fairly straight forward but the more subdued colours of Wall-E were not quite as easy.

Ravensburger, Disney, pixar, puzzle, montage, 1000 piece, review, jigsaw

The last part to be finished were the film strips running along the top and bottom of each of the 9 montages but we worked out which belonged to which using the picture from the front of the puzzle box.

We all thoroughly enjoyed this puzzle.  The picture was entertaining to make and as we all love Disney movies in our household we loved the design.  Once the puzzle had been made the children mixed it all up and started it again - prove that they liked it!

The Ravensburger Disney Pixar montage puzzle measures approximately 70cm x 50cm and is recommended on the Ravensburger website as age 10 years +.  A great jigsaw for Disney fans.
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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Blingles Bling Studio - Review

As a child that grew up in the 80's customisation was trendy. Jeans and clothes were sequinned and glitzed.  It seems todays girls are more into mobile and iPod customisation than jeans and T-shirts!

Blingles Bling Studio by Character is a modern girls customisation dream.  Pre designed 'bling' or even your own designs can be sequinned and added to almost anything.

Blingles, bling, glitz, bling, review, customise, ipods, laptops, girls gifts

The Blingles studio was really easy to put together and creating a shiny design was quick (and a bit fiddly at first). You can go wild and design a Blingle using a design of your own or use one of the templates that are included in the set.  Using a sticky clear transfer you press your shiny glitzy studs on following the design, then its on to the sticky glue roll to make your Blingle design stick to almost anything.

Pre-teen spent ages designing and creating Blingle for almost every surface she could find - luckily you can buy refills of the gems and transfer/glue rolls! iPods, mobile phones, photo frames and laptops all got a dosing of bling. Blingles would also make a lovely finishing touch to a birthday card envelope or gift tag.

Blingles, bling, glitz, bling, review, customise, ipods, laptops, girls gifts

I do think older girls, of say 10 years and over, would find this the easiest as the gems are quite hard to manoeuvre into place and it can be frustrating at first to get the design to look like anything resembling the design template but perseverance is the key.  The more you use the set you easier you will find the gems to use.

A great gift idea for those that love their bling!

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The London 2012 Olympics may be over but the experience will last a lifetime

I recently was over the moon to win tickets to the London 2012 Olympics in a competition run by Coca Cola.  I love the Olympics and the joy of watching people excel at something they love.

Joining my fellow competition winner Becky from Lakes Single Mum and the lovely Pippa from a Mothers Ramblings as well as the lovely PR ladies from Coca Cola we took our seats at the Olympic Stadium, seated a mere 9 rows from the front and with a fantastic view of the athletics proceedings.  I was in awe at the size of Olympic Park itself and was very glad I had comfortable shoes on as there is a considerable amount of walking involved when you want to have every possible photo opportunity.

Spoilt for choice on what to watch first as in front of us we had discus, hurdles, running and the final of the mens high jump finals at the back of the stadium but clearly visible to the eye on on the huge screens surrounding the majestic stadium - the atmosphere in the stadium was electric and the roars and applause for all the competitors especially for Team GB is something that will stay with me for ever.  The Olympic Torch was very close to us and a sight to behold, something that could never truly be portrayed on the television in my opinion.

The view of the Olympic Torch from our seats

The big screens around the Stadium meant you never missed anything
Hung around the top of the stadium were flags from every Country competing and the spectators around us formed a carnival of colour with their outfits showing their support for their Country and colourful flags.  The ambiance was like nothing I had experienced before and probably never will again. Friendly smiling faces each willing on the competitors and sharing in the joy of the games.  It didn't matter where you came from or which Country you were supporting every single competitor was applauded.  I felt at times in awe and quite humbled to be able to be part of the London 2012 Olympics even if I was a spectator and not actually competing.

I decided with so many athletes to watch I would just try and take in as much as I could.  Here's some of the sights and history I saw being made that night.

Lawrence Okoyo
Robert Harting of Germany after ripping his shirt off in joy of a medal win

Sally Pearson celebrating her gold medal victory
My immense thanks and appreciation go to Coco Cola for making my dream of attending the London 2012 Olympics a possibility.  I shall remember the experience forever.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Silent Sunday - Olympics edition

Friday, 10 August 2012

Orbeez Soothing Spa - our thoughts

There seems to be a trend for spa treatments that are suitable for younger girls and teens to use at home and the Orbeez Pampering Spa fits the bill perfectly.

Orbeez are soft squishy balls filled with liquid (they reminded me of the kids character shaped bubble bath gel packets) and are just one in a number of products in the range from Character Options.

The Orbeez Pampering Spa set comprises of an easy to put together foot spa that included 2 clear removable hand bowls, 2 packets of 750 Orbeez and a integral motor (battery operated - 2 x 'C' batteries not included) that allowed the Orbeez to flow down their own cascading waterfall onto your feet.  Orbeez can be warmed up by placing in warm water before draining and adding to the spa.  Also included in the set is a bottle of Jasmine pefume so you can add a few drops to your Orbeez for a lovely scented smell.

The removable hand bowls meant you could also give your hands a pamper using the Orbeez as well as your feet.

I have to say the Orbeez felt lovely on the feet - a bit like warm jelly but they really did get everywhere!

With the integral battery operated motor in the back of the foot spa it was rather uneven in weight distribution and so you had to be really careful not to topple over the spa spilling your Orbeez into their own cascade over your floors.

The gel filled Orbeez balls broke quite easily and although any that are left whole after your treatment can be drained and stored for reuse I did find that them fiddly to collate.

Damp Orbeez are slippery little suckers and roll fast so make sure you clean up any burst or damaged Orbeez quickly and that they are stored well away from childen under 3 years of age to avoid accidents or them being swallowed.

I liked the mood lighting part of the set and have to say the Orbeez did feel pleasant on the feet but the downside is the cleaning up and the amount that burst in use. For us personally a great novelty gift but something I feel that would be used a few times and then put away at the back of the cupboard when the Orbeez were all used up rather than buying more.

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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Silent Sunday


Friday, 3 August 2012

Saturday is #satcap day don't you know!

Saturday is here again and it means just one thing - Satcap day!  Sometimes a photo can speak in many ways and say many things so get captioning this photo I took today....

toddler, peek a boo, games, hands, fun, hiding

"Do you think Mum can see me?" springs to my mind but sure you can come up with far better. Got a photo thats crying out for a caption? The rather clever and vivacious Mammasaurus would love to see them I'm sure.