Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Who fights the monster under your bed? #nomoremonsters

Meet Harry.... well at least that's his name now but when he was my Daughters bedtime guardian to keep the monsters away he was called Henry.

With his cheery red scarf with an 'H' embroidered on it and a rather sad but sweet look on his face he has been part of the family for over a decade.

Little Man fell in love with Harry when he saw him sat on his Big Sisters bed and he's slept in his cot every day since.  I adore the fact that Harry has passed from brother to sister and now sits guard to protect Little Man against any 'monsters under the bed' as he did for his older sister. I'm sure Harry makes him feel as safe as he did my Daughter.

I love the bobbles in the bears material from all the years of being lovingly washed and returned to his owner only to be hugged and hugged until he was back in the wash again. I still have the bear that my Mother bought for me before I was born, worn but loved, and I'm sure Harry will be the same.

This is my entry into the 'Who fights the monster under your bed?' #nomoremonsters competition being run by Warren Evans