Thursday, 4 October 2012

Quick pass me the botox!

The saying goes you're as young as you feel and I have to say I agree as I didn't 'feel' any age - until today.

Ok so when I have walked long distances I wake up the next day with a sore back. It's not getting older simply because I carried a heavyweight baby and my pelvis and back were put out of alignment - right! Right?

I look in the mirror and see lines, hell they are just lines but nothing I would want to get rid of.  I have no grey hairs not that I would particularly worry if I did I don't think - age to me was something that never really played on my mind.  Having started having children at 18 I was always the youngest Mum at the school gates and was used to people saying to me 'you don't look old enough to have a child of that age!'.  Sometimes I was flattered other times I felt a bit like a novice that wasn't 'old enough' to be a parent.

As a Mum to 4 children aged from 20 downwards it wasn't a shock to hear people say they couldn't believe I had a child that had left school let alone who was 20 but those days are officially gone.

I told someone today that it was my youngest Sons birthday and he was 2 which raised no eyebrows and as the conversation went onward I explained that the eldest was 20 years old - again no raised eyebrows. So you may say? Well that's just it - no raised eyebrows!

The raised eyebrows or "really!" comment made me feel I must be aging well.  So when today someone just accepted the fact that I was the Mother of a 20 year old as well as a toddler I thought to myself suddenly that age had caught up on me, I must look 'old enough' to have a child that age.

So now of course after studying for ages glancing in the mirror at myself I notice the familiar lines but now I am thinking I should actually start to moisturise and drink water and all that stuff, perhaps those laughter lines are deeper than I had thought?

Well before I do start shouting for the botox and worrying too much more than that studying   quick glance I want to remind myself that no matter what I look like or what age I look I have got this way because I have lived, loved and laughed and who the hell can complain about that?