Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Donate unwanted and outgrown toys and help charity.

Who doesn't have toys that are still in good condition but just outgrown? That pile of toys that you sorted out for the charity shop that has never made it there....

Well now there is a fantastic reason to get sorting, tidying, clearing and donating your pre-loved toys as Argos team up with Barnardo's to launch the Argos Toy Exchange. Toys can be donated at around 740 Argos stores and also at 500 Barnardo's retail stores across the UK.

In exchange for your donations, as if helping a good cause and gaining some extra space in your house isn't enough, you will also receive a £5 voucher to spend in store on toys when spending over £35.  Full details on the scheme and to find your local participating store click here.

The Argos Toy Exchange will run from today until Tuesday 27th November 2012 and all donations will be passed onto Barnardos stores to sell to raise funds.

Here's how your donations could help others:

* ONE bag could pay for a mobile phone top up to enable a young carer to keep in touch with their parent whilst at school which could help lessen their anxiety.

* TWO bags could pay for a taxi for a young carer in a rural area to be able to access a youth group or young carers group.

* FOUR bags could pay to keep Barnardo's free helpline running for 2 weeks.

* FIVE bags could pay for five sessions for an activity of a young carer's choice, allowing them to pursue a personal interest, develop skills and have a break from their caring responsibilities.

* TEN bags could cover the cost of running two drop-in centres for a month.

So with Christmas coming what better time to have a toy sort out and get donating (and helping)