Monday, 24 September 2012

Dear Diary..... The Vampire Diaries first series on DVD

I missed out on watching The Vampire Diaries when it first aired on television and loving all things supernatural and horror like I was a little sad I missed out.

Warner Brothers have come to the rescue and sent the first Vampire Diaries series for me to catch up on and I have to say I am loving it!  Having watched the Twilight films I promised myself I wouldn't compare the two but as the story lines are quite similar - small town American girl (Elena) and a story in her past meets an easy on the eye new guy in town (Stefan) who, with brooding good looks, intrigues her and gives her new focus following the death of her parents in car crash the previous year.

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Apart from some shared special effects that is where the Twilight versus Vampire Diaries similarities ends.  The Vampire Diaries has in my opinion more longevity, each episode sees a little more of the story line unravel and it has definitely got that 'can't wait for the next episode' factor to it.  In my opinion it is a more grown up and darker version than anything Twilight offers.

Just from watching the pilot episode I was hooked.  It sets the scene for the series and introduces the characters brilliantly.  From the title you can guess there is a diary element to the show but the way that this is incorporated into the show to allow you to get to 'know' the characters and to add parts that are crucial to the ongoing story line is very clever.

If you love the vampire and supernatural genre but want something more intense than the Twilight films then The Vampire Diaries is for you.  Full of bloody violence ( well vampires and blood just go together after all!) and scenes that definitely require the suggested viewers age rating age of 15 but intermingles with a girl meets boy (and then a brother shows up... enough about that though, you will have to check out the series for yourself) Highschool set series.

With a new series due out in October I am thoroughly enjoying discovering the first series on the 5 disc, 22 episode DVD that is out to buy now.  I need to find and watch the further 3 series as the show is now into series 4 but I am sure judging on the first episodes I will be doing just that.
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