Friday, 10 August 2012

Orbeez Soothing Spa - our thoughts

There seems to be a trend for spa treatments that are suitable for younger girls and teens to use at home and the Orbeez Pampering Spa fits the bill perfectly.

Orbeez are soft squishy balls filled with liquid (they reminded me of the kids character shaped bubble bath gel packets) and are just one in a number of products in the range from Character Options.

The Orbeez Pampering Spa set comprises of an easy to put together foot spa that included 2 clear removable hand bowls, 2 packets of 750 Orbeez and a integral motor (battery operated - 2 x 'C' batteries not included) that allowed the Orbeez to flow down their own cascading waterfall onto your feet.  Orbeez can be warmed up by placing in warm water before draining and adding to the spa.  Also included in the set is a bottle of Jasmine pefume so you can add a few drops to your Orbeez for a lovely scented smell.

The removable hand bowls meant you could also give your hands a pamper using the Orbeez as well as your feet.

I have to say the Orbeez felt lovely on the feet - a bit like warm jelly but they really did get everywhere!

With the integral battery operated motor in the back of the foot spa it was rather uneven in weight distribution and so you had to be really careful not to topple over the spa spilling your Orbeez into their own cascade over your floors.

The gel filled Orbeez balls broke quite easily and although any that are left whole after your treatment can be drained and stored for reuse I did find that them fiddly to collate.

Damp Orbeez are slippery little suckers and roll fast so make sure you clean up any burst or damaged Orbeez quickly and that they are stored well away from childen under 3 years of age to avoid accidents or them being swallowed.

I liked the mood lighting part of the set and have to say the Orbeez did feel pleasant on the feet but the downside is the cleaning up and the amount that burst in use. For us personally a great novelty gift but something I feel that would be used a few times and then put away at the back of the cupboard when the Orbeez were all used up rather than buying more.

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