Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Blingles Bling Studio - Review

As a child that grew up in the 80's customisation was trendy. Jeans and clothes were sequinned and glitzed.  It seems todays girls are more into mobile and iPod customisation than jeans and T-shirts!

Blingles Bling Studio by Character is a modern girls customisation dream.  Pre designed 'bling' or even your own designs can be sequinned and added to almost anything.

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The Blingles studio was really easy to put together and creating a shiny design was quick (and a bit fiddly at first). You can go wild and design a Blingle using a design of your own or use one of the templates that are included in the set.  Using a sticky clear transfer you press your shiny glitzy studs on following the design, then its on to the sticky glue roll to make your Blingle design stick to almost anything.

Pre-teen spent ages designing and creating Blingle for almost every surface she could find - luckily you can buy refills of the gems and transfer/glue rolls! iPods, mobile phones, photo frames and laptops all got a dosing of bling. Blingles would also make a lovely finishing touch to a birthday card envelope or gift tag.

Blingles, bling, glitz, bling, review, customise, ipods, laptops, girls gifts

I do think older girls, of say 10 years and over, would find this the easiest as the gems are quite hard to manoeuvre into place and it can be frustrating at first to get the design to look like anything resembling the design template but perseverance is the key.  The more you use the set you easier you will find the gems to use.

A great gift idea for those that love their bling!

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