Sunday, 29 July 2012

Plum Taste Adventures - our thoughts

Plum new Taste Adventures Mediterranean Paella and salmon

As Little Man is now 21 months old I don't really buy much baby or toddler food anymore but find it handy to keep one or two in the cupboard for days when we are eating something that he can't or wont eat. I find it difficult to find food that is chunky enough for a toddler and struggle even more to find one that does not contain meat.  

Little Man eats fish so I was happy to try a sample of the new Plum Taste Adventures range (the only one in the new range that is fish and not meat based sadly) Mediterranean Paella with salmon contains organic ingredients and is classified as Stage 3 - from 10 months of age according to the box.

I have to say I was put off as soon as I opened the sealed lid to heat it as stuck to the lid and the bottom of the container when emptied was a quite greasy orange staining.  I appreciate this is probably quite normal and to be expected in food that is made for a longer shelf life in an ambient atmosphere but it reminded me of the oil from some pasta sauce jars.  I have seen this before in baby foods and so made sure I gave the food a good stir before heating.

The food smelt nice when heated and yes I did try some to see if it tasted nice as well (oh come on I can't be the only one that has done this!) and it was surprisingly appetising when I tasted it.  I could taste the salmon but it wasn't at all overpowering and the whole recipe had a 'fresh' taste to it rather than a strong fish taste.

Little Man was eager to try his new taste adventure and didn't seem at all fazed by the new flavours.  He finished the whole meal and seemed more than happy. The consistency of the meal was chunky and I did feel well described as from a feeding age of 10 months but in my opinion the portion size was not really big enough for a hungry toddler. There is a Stage 4 range that is designed for toddlers in the Plum range. This in mind I would keep one in the cupboard for when I needed an alternative to the meal we are eating as a family.

As the Taste Adventures is the newest in the Plum range I was really disappointed to find that it is the only fish based recipe and that there are no vegetarian recipes in the Taste Adventures range.  I feel that this is missing a huge opportunity and when there are so many vegetarian meals in the younger stages of weaning it seems strange not to continue this onto the older range stages.

Little Man enjoyed the meal but I was off put by the orange 'staining' in the pot and lid and sad no vegetarian meals in the Taste Adventures range.