Sunday, 8 July 2012

It's that damned email - again!

Every month the email that always gets me feeling a little down drops into my inbox.  It's my own fault for subscribing... it seemed harmless at the time.

You probable signed up for the same update yourself when you were pregnant or a new parent and at the time it was an exciting way to see what was happening to the life held safely within me.  Each week it would tell me how big my developing baby was, what it might be doing and how I should be feeling.  Comforting at times the email has now become one that fills me with sadness.

"Dear Lou, your baby is now 21 months old" .... Yes I know!!  Please stop reminding me.  Every day I see how  Little Man is becoming a little boy, progressing from my newborn to a baby and now hurtling through toddler hood at a rate I would rather he didn't.

I don't want to hinder him, in fact I relish how he is learning and the things he is discovering but it is all going TOO FAST!  I love newborn babies (no I won't be having another so I can have another) I even love toddlers (the tantrum phase can be very hard don't get me wrong) but every time Boots Parenting Club or Pampers sends me my reminder email I always curse and delete it without reading any further than the your baby is now so and so months.  Stupid really as it would be so much easier to unsubscribe and save me the anguish each month but no I hit delete and go through it again the next month.

Don't get me wrong, Little Man is an absolute joy and I love the way he imitates us with his version of the word 'Thank you' when he gives us something or waves to every one of us when he is going to bed or how he tries to say 'Hello' when he wakes in the morning but I do miss the early days to.

So again next month (Dear Lou, your baby is now 22 months old...) I will probably go through the same feelings I do each month when the email arrives but hopefully this post will remind me to unsubscribe not just hit delete and scowl but just enjoy each day - no matter how many months old Little Man is, because every one has been a joy so far.

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Guess what Little Man aged 21 months!