Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hands on science - Miniland Educational Crystals

Science is one of those subjects that can often be seen as boring or far from fun by many children.  Sometimes you have to see Science 'in action' to really understand it and that's where the Miniland Educational range comes in for us.

We have been trying out the Miniland Educational Crystals from DKL Toys at home recently and these are are thoughts on how we found the kit.

I love the fact that the kit itself comes in a metal storage tin (makes a great tin for storing all types of things!) and that full instructions are included, which although you have to search for the English version, are easy to read.

Following the instruction manual we started the 'kitchen science' crystal kit process after putting on the supplied safety goggles! The first step is to add the correct amount of crystal granules to the dish.... then measure in the warm water.... and stir until the crystals dissolve.

We stirred for ages to dissolve the crystals but didn't really get anywhere so kept stirring. NB Having looked at another review this seemed to be the case in their instance as well but found that adding more water made it easier to get the granules to dissolve.

The next step is to add some of the rocks to the bottom of the supplied lidded plastic tub, pour on the dissolved crystal granules water and then add the last of the remaining crystal granules on to the top of the rocks before popping on the lid and storing in a place away from heat and light changes - we used the kitchen windowsill as the light and temperature is quite consistent there. Then, as the instructions say, wait to see your crystal formations grow.

Sadly as yet, 2 days later. no change has really happened in the lidded tub and no crystals have formed as yet but I do believe this is purely down to the fact that we did not get the granules to dissolve properly at the start of the experiment (I found the review with the helpful advice about adding more water after we had finished all the instructions and used all the granules)

The kit gave us a good starting point to discuss the reasons crystals form and the science behind it all which is what after all the kit is designed to show.  I would like to try the experiment again knowing about the extra water to see what results we would have.

Miniland Educational Kits are available to buy from Play Merrily Toys

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