Friday, 27 July 2012

Dear Ikea - whats happened?

Dear Ikea,

I recently visited one of your stores.  I haven't been in a long time but was passing and the whim took me.  I have always loved the fact that the meals are well priced and offer children sized meals at reduced prices.  Food is good and usually enjoyed by the whole family.

So whats happened Ikea?  Where are your childrens meals?  Meals cheaper with a Ikea Family card - come on I have so many 'reward' cards in my purse I can barely close it.  I was really disappointed that I could no longer buy a childrens sized meal of fish, chips and peas and had to buy (and pay) adult prices.

As Little Man does not eat meat (but does eat fish) I looked at the childrens menu with dismay.  Then I spied the organic pancakes with spinach and cheese only to find the wording underneath of made with animal rennet or words to that effect - argh!  There was free babyfood on offer if I spent over a certain amount but it was pouches designed really for smaller babies rather than toddlers.

So with our tummies rumbling I ended up buying 2 adult fish and chips for the older children (which was too big a portion to be honest) and scraping the peas off their plates into a bowl for Little Man along with some of their fish. His highchair may say Family Friendly but I didn't feel that was the case.

Whats happened to child meals and great prices without having to carry a Ikea Family Card?  The only bonus was that the drinks now have free refills.  No longer will Ikea be a food option for non-meat eating children that parents don't want to carry yet another reward card in the chance they may visit your stores - huff!


A non-card carrying parent with hungry children.