Friday, 8 June 2012

Rainy day activities with a toddler and on a budget

Cabin fever is starting to set in in our house!  The endless days of rain have seen us having to come up with ways to amuse a toddler that really just wants to go to the park.

I have been trying to be as resourceful as possible so that Little Man is having fun while the constant sound of rain patters at the window.  I have come up with a few ways of rainy day activities on a budget so thought I would share them.

Potato printing pictures

Little Man had great fun doing simple potato prints.  All you need is a potato to cut shapes out of and use as the 'stamp' to print with, paint and some paper or cardboard.  We keep the shapes simple so Little Man could hold the potato easily without getting too much paint on himself but the potato printing soon turned into finger painting which he really enjoyed!
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Charity shop bargains

As I wanted to keep my toddler entertained on a budget when I had managed a quick trip to the shops (in a rare break in the rain) earlier in the week, I saw a bargain in the window of a local charity shop. 
Charity shops, rainy day, activities, make believe, cars, castle, fun, imaginary play, play

This wooden castle, complete with a drawbridge that goes up and down, was a bargain at £3. Little Man happily played for ages with it, driving his toy cars up the ramps and into the castle. We also found some toy people to add as visitors to it. Charity shops can be a real source of bargains to keep the children occupied, be it pieces of wool and off cuts of materials to make pictures or outfits for a wooden spoon doll to cheap jigsaws.

Dressing up

My older children loved dressing up when they were smaller and although Little man was a little reluctant to put dressing up clothes on he happily donned this Pirate cap but as he is just 20 months he liked taking it off as much as putting it on!

Listening to storybook CDs

Finally when it was time to wind down the play nearer to bedtime we found a couple of story CDs for Little Man to listen to.  Of course he had to wear his brothers headphones to do it!  I have to admit he did look rather sweet wearing them and seemed to like the stories as well.
 We had a good day together even if the weather was awful.  I shall not be so worried about the children having to stay indoors as they had as much fun as I did sharing the activities.