Monday, 11 June 2012

Next Mummy Stylist Blogger Competition entry

I love creative competitions. I also love kids clothing so the Next Mummy Stylist Blogger competition brings together the best of both worlds.

The competition prize is a £500 Next Giftcard!!  With Little Man growing quickly and speeding towards a fully fledged toddler he his outgrowing clothes just as quickly so if I was to win I would be spending the giftcard on a new stylish wardrobe for him (and I am sure his siblings would love quite a bit from the Next range as well).

One outfit that would be top of the to buy list would be this one that I put together whilst perusing the Next current childrenswear range:

The Red Stripe Hoody is made of 100% cotton (excluding the trims!) so with the breathable cotton fabric this top would keep Little Man cool whilst the longer arms would give protection against any Summer breezes.  I would team up the hoody with the rather cute but very practical Carrot Fit Chinos.  I love the fact that they offer two looks, the standard chino trouser but also a more Summer beach look when you roll up the bottom of the trouser leg - great for paddling in the sea!

When not paddling in the sea then shoes that are hard wearing but keep little feet cool are a must.  The Blue Boat Shoes not only go well with the whole look rest of the outfit but also have a touch fastening which is perfect for toddlers learning to do up their own shoes.

For chillier days I would add the bright and cheerful looking yellow Gilet that tones in well with the bright fresh colours of the red and tan of the top and trousers.

This outfit would cost just £44 (less any P & P charges if I bought online) so you can imagine just how many quality clothes the winner will be able to buy with a £500 giftcard!  With the rest of the giftcard (should I win of course!) I would buy Little Man some underwear as potty training will be just around the corner and some summer t-shirts.  These Bright Stripe T-shirts are great value at just £12 for a four pack...

... I think they would team up really well with the Carrot Fit Chinos in the top photo to provide four separate and different looks.

To achieve the 'preppy' look that is so popular right now what would be better than this green striped Poloshirt?

With two older children to dress as well Next caters for a wide range of ages so the rest of the giftcard would no doubt be snapped up by them and the list of outfits they love on the Next website.

So there you have it - my 'must have' choice of clothes from the current Next childrenswear range... now all I need is a £500 giftcard!