Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Diary of a toddler.....things I have learnt so far

I am now 20 months old and learning fast... I may not be able to speak but I get my point across.  Here's some things I have learnt as a toddler:

  • Straps on the pram, highchair etc are there purely to see how fast you can squirm your hands underneath them and get your arms free. Under 10 seconds and you're nearly a pro!
  • Food is best served squished through your hands or hair.
  • Doors left slightly ajar are an open invitation to explore.
  • Sleep is for everyone else - why sleep when you can wake up and play for 3 hours in the night?
  • If I arch my back or kick my legs I can make it almost impossible for my Mum to put me into anything... carseat, pram you name it I can challenge going in it.
  • The Sky box button turns from green to red... then green to red, green to red, green to read and it never gets old.
  • The most exciting objects to explore are the ones that makes my Mums face recoil in horror when I grab them.
  • A smile works in an instant.
  • The big white thing in the kitchen stops turning the clothes when I press buttons.
  • Food is for target practice.
  • Sippy cups are for sprinkling the floors - right?
  • Sand is gritty but so much fun to eat.

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