Sunday, 17 June 2012

Content and Calm Travel TrayKit - our thoughts

We have recently been out and about which included a long train journey. Knowing how easily my children get bored on long trips it is usually a case of  bags of toys, books and comics.

With not wanting to carry large numbers of bags and the weight involved, having just one bag big enough to carry it all is a big bonus so we gave the Travel TrayKit from Content and Calm a try.

The pockets in the top half of the bag are a great size for pens, pencils and notebooks as well as maps.  The pocket size is a little too small for portable games consoles but the velcro fastening to the top of the pockets keeps the games held safely in one place.

Travel TrayKit, Content and Calm, travel bag, luggage, childrens bags
Contents sold separately
The bottom half of the TrayKit has a fold out lipped edge insert which when unfolded stops toys from sliding out when in use which is great for pens especially.  This lipped tray area is held in place by velcro strips and provides a sturdy area for writing or playing with cars.

Travel TrayKit, Content and Calm, travel bag, luggage, childrens bags

As the size of the Travel TrayKit (according to the Content and Calm website) conforms to BAA hand baggage allowance dimensions is is perfect for use on planes as well.  Also supplied with the Tray Kit is a hanging strap so the bag can be attached to a plane tray table or car head rest for use on the go.

Here's our Travel TrayKit on its journey:
Travel TrayKit, Content and Calm, travel bag, luggage, childrens bags

The Content and Calm range also includes an upgrade to the Travel TrayKit called the Traykit Traveller Collection which includes a luggage label, passport cover and a foldout wallet containing a set of pencils, eraser and sharpener along with a world map with stickers and activities to keep children amused.  Little man loved sticking the stickers to the map on our journey. The additional items come in the same colourways as the Travel TrayKit.

We found the size of the TrayKit very good although on a younger child it may be a little bulky.  The one frustration we encountered was the shoulder straps kept twisting when you put the bag onto your back but as they were well padded this did not cause any discomfort but was quite annoying.  The adjustable straps meant that a jacket or coat could be placed along the top of the back and carried on the back which was very helpful.

The bag is robust but if you try and pack too much inside it can be difficult to get the folding tray to stay in place whilst you do up the zip to close the TrayKit but all in all a very helpful one bag solution to travel boredom.

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