Sunday, 20 May 2012

You made me cough you Motherf***er!

Ok I 'may' have mentioned that I am in danger of looking like a prude before.  I seem to have my own set of what I find acceptable and what I don't in regards to swearing or inappropriate viewing for my children.

I tend to let Pre-teen put the iPod on in the car and listen to what ever is playing, not generally my type of music as its usually too 'pop' for me but hey.  There are three songs in particular that have sprung up on the playlist recently: Jessie J 'Do it like a dude' (?) Will-I-Am ' Hard' and Nicki Minaj 'Starships' that have made my ears prick up and listen.

All the songs contain the word Motherf***er which is a word I am not keen on but is better than some other words!  2 of the songs are the edited versions but the word it still able to be worked out.  I am all for self expression but the problem is that its making me have a fit of coughing every time I hear them!!

No I haven't come down with an illness but I just feel I have to do something to cover up the MoFo word when it comes on.

Even though 2 of the 3 songs are the edited version I do think if I stop the songs with a swearword (blurred slightly or not) in them from being listened to I am a) unrealistic that they will not be heard from another source, b) in danger of making the song want to be played even more because it is, for want of better words, 'forbidden fruit' c) you are hard pushed to find anything in the charts that doesn't have a swear word in it. Ok ok we do have the Bruno Mars and Olly Murs type songs but geeze I would rather cough over the ones containing the MoFo word than listen to those!!

So thats what I do, I cough loudly over the word and let the rest of the song play.  So Jessie, Will-I-Am and Nicki there you have it - a Mother coughing over your self expression.

Anyone else found themselves dealing with unwanted words either in songs or on television in a better way?  Or do you think teenagers hear the words and know exactly what they are and mean and I am wasting my time? (and coughing fits)

Is the word Motherf***er such a commonly used word now that it no longer has any shock value. On the whole the word does not hugely offend me but I am not exactly wanting Little Mans first word to be Motherf***er!! Any thoughts? How would you deal with a teenagers choice in songs without disallowing them to right to find their own tastes in music?