Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Slimavite diet diary - update

I was having a look back through my old posts about my Slimavite diet plan and the journey it has taken me on.

I started the plan almost exactly one year ago and so thought an update was in order.

When I started I weighed 16st and 4lbs so in the last 12 months I have lost nearly 3 and a half stone!  At my lowest point I weighed 12st and 12lbs - I am impressed at myself.
Since Christmas I do not seem to have been as committed to the plan and although I have lost the weight I gained at Christmas I do not seem to have made a dent in the remaining weight I wish to lose and I have been thinking about why.

I think you can forget what you have achieved on the way and I know I tend to think about the remaining 2 odd stone I would like to lose and forget about the 3 stone already lost.  I need to refocus on why I want to lose the weight and how pleased I will feel about achieving my goal of 11 stone when I have done it.  Notice I say done it - I do believe I can get there and although I have barely stuck to the plan at all over the last 3 or so weeks (and seen a 4lb gain because of it) today I had a good look at myself and have jumped back on track and started the Slimavite shakes again.

If I don't start I am in danger of gaining the weight and going back on all the hard work I have put into losing weight this far. I am the only person holding me back.

Today I weighed 13st and 5lbs but I have made a step in the right direction again. Summer (hopefully) is round the corner and I really don't want to feel conscience about 'bingo wing arms' or 'muffin top tummy' when I do finally get to wear t-shirts and skirts.

My mantra again is onwards and downwards!