Thursday, 31 May 2012

School Run Style with Joe Browns

I have to say I am always the last in the bathroom in the morning and probably get the least amount of time.

School runs have been part of my life for nearly 2 decades now and I have gone from a Mum that would go looking fresh as a daisy with full makeup and matching bag and shoes to someone that usually throws on what is clean and near!

Gone are the days of straightening my hair, applying makeup and deliberating over what to wear whilst I stood peering in an overstuffed, colour coordinated,  wardrobe.  These days I wear more what is comfy than in fashion and admit to still wearing jeans 3 sizes too big as I rarely buy myself clothes.  Killer heels? Yes at the back of the wardrobe gathering dust sadly.

I would love to get back to the days when clothes brought me joy and I looked more organised than the 'dragged through a bush backwards' look I wear these days so I thought I would take part in the Joe Browns School Run Style Blogger competition in the hope of perhaps finding an inner Yummy Mummy.

Here's what I would love to look like on the school run:

I love red and would keep the red theme running through the outfit.  For someone that lives in jeans the outfit is fun, flirty and definitely not jeans. In days gone by I would often wear a skirt and miss them which is why I chose the Truly Frivolous Skirt. As the skirt is a statement piece I think a plain but detailed top such as the Best of British Vest goes well and finished off with the Quote Necklace adds a touch of fun.  I love the Best of British Espadrilles just because I love them!  The Short and Sweet Ticking Jacket is perfect for cooler days or to just add a twist on the outfit.

Now that's how I would like to look on the school run!