Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pointless The Board Game - our thoughts

Pointless The Board Game - Review

When it comes to games shows they're are 2 favourites in the household one of which is Pointless so when asked to try the game we were really looking forward to it.

The game itself includes a Pointless playing board, a series of general knowledge questions on cards, 4 pencils, an answer sheet pad, a stand up trophy, Head to Head tokens, Pointless Trophy tokens, 3 question card holders, 8 playing pieces and instructions.

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The aim of the game is to be the player that has the least amount of points at the end, ideally to be 'pointless'.  This is done by a player guessing the least obvious answer from a surveyed question on the general knowledge cards.  The most common or obvious answer will score the most points so you have to think a little harder to find the answer less people would give in order to gain the least amount of points Pointless The Board Game from University Games is suitable from age 10 years + and is designed for 2 to 4 players or teams.

Playing board, scoring sheets and question cards

The instructions were certainly comprehensive and I have to say the four sided leaflet did put me off slightly as it made the game seem very complex. If played as per the instructions the rules are a little long winded to read to say the least. The children wanted to be playing rather than reading all those pages so in the end we  decided to scan through and adapt the game so we could get playing quickly. Luckily there is also a Quick Start set of instructions included for impatient people like us which we found ideal.

The question cards are labelled Round 1 to 4 and to play the game these need to be placed in separate piles (away from prying eyes as the answers may be visible on the top card!)  Once it has been decided who will ask the questions the game is a case of giving answers to the questions asked and adding up the scores received from your answers. As the aim is to have the least points hopefully the adding up wont take long.

We did find however that there was a pointless part to the game and that was the inclusion of the playing board! The children and I were happy to leave this part out and answer the questions, tot up the scores on the scoring sheets rather than the whole scores on the board part of the game, although this would be useful if playing with more than 2 or 3 players (especially if playing in teams) and for younger players to be able to keep a visual score.

When it came to the questions themselves we also had a sticking point in that although the game is aimed at those 10 years + the questions can be too difficult or simply unsuitable for those ages as not many may know the horse racing courses of Great Britain or the Number 1 hit singles of Cliff Richard!!  I ended up having to shift through the question cards and pull out ones that I thought the children may possibly know the answers to.  I would have liked to have seen perhaps a Junior and adult set of questions to make this easier.

We all really liked the concept of the game (as we do the TV programme) but ended up adapting it to make it more a Q & A game using the scores from the cards.  I think it would be a lot easier to play the correct way if it is adults only playing.

Pointless - The Board Game - A good game but in need of a little adaptation if playing with younger players.