Friday, 18 May 2012

The Olympics and my biggest regret

I am one of these people that get excited about the Olympics.  I love all the events and watch in wonder at the pure dynamics that allow athletes to run, swim, or compete in any sport at such a high level.

I have to say I do feel proud of the British Team GB and as a parent to a competitive swimmer I understand the dedication and commitment they (and their parents!) have put into getting to compete at the most celebrated event.

So my biggest regret of this year is the fact that I did not apply for Olympic tickets when they went on sale.  This was down mainly to financial reasons and as the Olympics are drawing closer I regret that I and my children will not be able to watch from close quarters the events unfold and that I had not been able to give them them the opportunity to witness history and Olympic records being made. At in London as well!

Of course the swimming would be the event we would love to see and we shall be glued to the television cheering on our team. Every tumble turn, dive and finish recorded to be watched over again, sad though this may seem, but a swimmer can learn a lot from watching the professionals in action.

So full of regret and totally jealous of those watching poolside on the day I shall still be pinning my hopes on Team GB for 2012 medals. Best of British luck to all those competing in the Olympics and the Paralympics.