Monday, 7 May 2012

Mike The Knight on CBeebies has a new toy range

Mike The Knight is a new childrens TV programme that airs on CBeebies on weekdays and follows the adventures on Mike and his friends.

Along with the TV show children can now bring the character to life through a range of figures, playsets and accessories available from Character Options.

The Deluxe Glendragon Playset is a two tiered tower with some lovely features such as the shields and portraits on the walls of the castle..small features but they do add to the set.

The set comes complete with Mikes horse Galahad and Mike The Knight himself and we have loved the hidden treasures in the toy such as a secret slide which pre-school children will love I'm sure. Mikes horse Galahad has articulated back legs and the Mike character can fit into his steed for playrole.

There's even a treasure chest and hay bales for Galahad and all the figures seem very robust and depict the characters closely to the TV show.

Aimed at children 3 years + the range also includes actions figures and a rather cool Viking Longboat as well as a range of plush toys that say phrases from the TV programme.

Get ready for Mike The Knight!