Tuesday, 8 May 2012

How is it.....

How is it that that that everyone elses children want to play at your house?

How is it when your children do go to someone elses house they behave impeccably?

How is it that there is never any milk when YOU want a cup of tea?

How is it that is knows to rain on Bank Holidays?

How is it that you never have any money when you see something you'd love?

How is it you never have the right change for a parking meter?

How is it that you can tidy for hours and within 5 minutes of the kids being in it looks worse than before you started?

How is it that Sky fails to record only the programmes you watch?

How is it that the postman only rings the bell when you are in bed trying to have a lie in?

How is it that children only ever sleep in on school days?

How is it that healthy food never seems to make you feel full?

How is it that the only time you have a prior engagement you get a better offer?

How is that?