Monday, 14 May 2012

Haba Orchard game - HABA Ambassador review

Orchard from Haba is a cooperative game aimed at children aged 3 years to 6 years and can be played with 1 - 8 players.

The Aim of the game is for the players to harvest wooden fruits pieces and place them into their baskets before the Raven eats them and is a game of many angles.  Not only does it encourage colour and shape recognition but helps motor skills.

HABA, HABA Orchard game, age 3 years +, game, board game, colour recognition,

The game itself contains 40 wooden fruit pieces (10 apples, 10 pears, 10 pairs of cherries and 10 plums) also included are 4 baskets to collect your fruit in, a Raven jigsaw, game board and a dice with four coloured sides and one side with a picture of a Raven and one the picture of a basket. In order to play the game the fruit is placed onto the correct fruit tree on the game board ready to be 'picked'.

HABA, HABA Orchard game, age 3 years +, game, board game, colour recognition,

Once the fruit is on the trees the dice is thrown and the player takes a piece of fruit that is represented by the colour on the dice and places it into their basket (red - cherry, yellow - pear, blue - plum and green - apple).  If a players dice lands on the Raven one piece of the Raven jigsaw is placed onto the board and if the basket symbol is shown the player get to pick any two fruits for their basket.  The aim aim is to pick all the fruit before the Raven jigsaw is completed and the bird eats the fruit!

HABA, HABA Orchard game, age 3 years +, game, board game, colour recognition,

The game sounds quite complicated but in practice it is quite quick and easy to learn and the game itself takes approx 15 minutes to play so it is ideal for the 3 years + age group.  As this is a cooperative game it means beating the Raven makes all players winners and stops anyone feeling they 'lost' which again is great when playing with younger players.  Vice Versa and if the hungry Raven jigsaw is completed before the fruit is picked all players lose and not just an individual.  I did find this added to the excitement of the game as all players were working together rather than against each other.

My thoughts as a parent: I loved the wooden fruit pieces and baskets and thought the game was well thought out.  Game play time of about 15 minutes made it ideal to play when time was short and the game itself was quick to set up.

NOTE: The wooden fruit pieces are quite small and could be swallowed by a younger child so I would emphasize the recommended age of 3 years +

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