Saturday, 12 May 2012

Exclusive questions in my interview with Bear Grylls

Sometimes I have to pinch myself at the opportunities that have come through blogging.  Things that never would have happened otherwise.

What would you ask Bear Grylls in an interview?

When I was asked if I would like to interview the ultimate 'Action Man' Bear Grylls I have to admit I was hugely excited as we are big fans in our house.  I was nervous at preparing my questions, not wanting to come across as a total amateur.  Here's what I wanted to ask Bear and what in turn he gave as his answers to my exclusive questions.

As you can imagine I was trying to juggle a phone, write his answers and not sound like a giggling school girl so please excuse any errors or ommisions but the interview went something like this:

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We have our own nickname for you in our house... what (apart from Bear) is the most unusual nickname you have heard others use for you?

I was always climbing trees so got called Monkey and of course Bear.

Like you we have unusual names for our children. What gave you the idea for your childrens names and what do you think about recent findings that boys with unusual first names are more likely to suffer from depression? 

Marmaduke was inspired by the WW1 pilot Marmaduke Pattle and Huckleberry by the fictional character Huckleberry Finn. In regards to the depression part I hadn't heard that.

On your official Bear Grylls webpage there is a blog - does this mean you are a blogger like me or do you just provide the ideas for it rather than write it?

I do the blog myself but not often enough.  My Twitter account and Facebook is also me but I do get told Bear you need to write something as it's been a while!

Have you ever turned down a survival destination because it was just too risky?

Never!  The producers of the shows like wild and wacky and I love the challenge and just getting out there.  Sometimes the weather in Wales and Scotland can be as extreme as further afield and can feel like Arctic.

You have had an amazing life and experience so far with Scouts, your survival programmes and your various other ventures but what has given you the most thrill? 

The return to Everest and the powergliders.  It was amazing and raised over $2.5 million

If you had to give it all up tomorrow what everyday job would you do?

We spend a lot of time off the Welsh Coast so I think I would be a Lifeboat Man there.

Do you take holidays or do you come home for a holiday?

I like quiet and cosy holidays with the family and love North Wales.

Ok so for a few quick questions:

Dogs or cats?


Inside or outside?


Arctic or Caribbean?


Grubs or cockroaches?


Finally do you watch survival programmes?

I watch them, I love the adventure angle and encourage other presenters that do the same.

Before Bear finished our call I told him that my children that were in the room with me didn't believe that it was him on the phone and asked if I could put him on loud speak to say hello.  Bear was happy to talk and chatted to them about what they like to do outdoors. They were absolutely thrilled and their talk with Bear was the topic of conversation at school the next day!

And as for that nickname we have for Bear in our house... well I will say I told him and he laughed but I will keep the nickname a secret between Bear and us!!

My interview was kindly arranged by Persil who Bear Grylls is currently working with to encourage children to get outdoors and have fun.  His Top Ten Things To Do Before You're Ten guide is available here

Here's Bear in action...

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