Friday, 18 May 2012

Ben and Holly are getting in the Olympic spirit with their new dvd release

Nothing makes Little Man smile more than an episode or 10 of Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom.

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In the newest Ben and Holly DVD release 'The Elf Games' the elves are getting into their own Olympic style spirit and competing in their own version - The Elf Games. The DVD sees friends Ben Elf and his friend Fairy Princess Holly winning a trophy in the wheelbarrow race.

As well as the Little Kingdom Elf Games the DVD also includes the following episodes:

  • Nannys Lesson
  • The Elf Factory
  • Mrs Witch
  • Elf Joke Day
  • King Thistles New Clothes
  • Elf School
  • The Royal Golf Course
  • Morning Noon & Night
  • Gastons Visit
  • A Trip To The Seaside
Full of Elf horn blowing fun and plenty of magic the episodes delighted Little Man as I am sure they would any Ben and Holly fan.  I personally love the slightly sarcastic tone of Nanny Plums voice and it does make me smile when I hear it.  

The DVD from Entertainment One is out to buy now RRP £8.99

We received a promotional copy (not for resale) in order to review but opinions as always are my own.