Tuesday, 10 April 2012

You know you're a parent to a teenager when...

* No matter what time of day the first thing teens do when they get home is go into the kitchen and check out what's in the cupboards.

* You no longer get eye contact when speaking to your teen as that would mean having to put down their mobile/iPod/kindle etc.

* Grunting replaces words.

* Shoes become something to fall over as you follow the trail of clothes discarded by your teen.

* Your diary becomes filled with reminders for lifts and dates of their social events and yours disappear!

* "Mum can I ?" or "Mum can you ?" starts most sentences, usually followed with an eye roll when the answer is anything other than yes.

* As your teen ages your purse lightens.

* Everything needs to be washed immediately because they will want to wear it over and over as its the latest fashion item.

* Your bank account has more than one direct debit to a mobile phone company.

* You can't get your teen into bed at night or out of it in the morning.

These are to name but a few and I am sure there are many more signs of teen-dom on the horizon.