Sunday, 29 April 2012

Where have you gone? I miss you!

I remember you well but you seem to have stopped visiting me.

You were there throughout my childhood, every time I had something new to try or a trip out. You would be with me every time I had a role in a school play.  You made appearances at every event in my life from as young as I can remember and as I grew into a teen you came with me on my journey. Every time you appeared was like a wake up call as a teenager when I met a boy I liked and you often accompanied me on first dates.

As a young adult you came with me on job interviews and first days in new jobs.  I know you were there when I went to my first concert and that you would appear like an old friend when I heard a song or read a great book.

You have been there through each pregnancy and were the first thing I felt as I met my newborn for the first time.

You seemed to have made fewer appearances as I have aged, which is a shame as I enjoyed your company.  I need to find you as you made everything feel different, more exciting, an event highlighted in my memory and somehow I seemed to have lost you and the effect you had on me.  Is this part of growing older? Does maturing into an adult mean your presence is needed less? Has life become so routine you feel I no longer need you so stay in the shadows?

I would like to feel your presence, feel the butterflies in my tummy again for that is what you are.  Where have you gone? I miss you and am looking to start our relationship again.  You were good for me.