Friday, 20 April 2012

Warner Brothers welcomes bloggers event

What would make the perfect event for a movie lover to attend?  Yep the Warner Brothers welcomes bloggers event in London this week.

I know I rant on about our love of all things movie related but the world of films has captured my imagination since I was a small child and sat absorbed in the musicals my Mum loved to watch.  The Warner Brothers bloggers event was a movie and gaming fanatics dream come true.

Travelling with fellow bloggers Wendy and Helen, the train journey down was long but was spent catching up and putting the world to rights and before we knew it we were at our destination.  Although the Warner Brothers offices in London are understated from the outside the inside was filled with the infamous Warner Brothers logo. We were met with a lifesize statue of Batman and a six foot Happy Feet Mumbles style penguin which Little Man took an instant shine to!

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The event itself was a great way to learn about the latest technological advances that will allow us all to watch great movies in so many ways.

Blinkbox is a non-subscription service that allows you to to only pay for the films you want to watch and is available to view on your PC, games consoles, tablets and Smart TV's giving you the ability to watch movies at your convenience wherever you please.  With an impressive movie catalogue of over 10,000 movie titles to choose from I jumped straight in and and started searching one of my favourite movie genres - horror.  There were the classic horrors and new releases that had me mentally noting down titles I wanted to watch.

Not only were the guys from Blinkbox film lovers themselves but they certainly knew their stuff and I could have happily chatted for hours.  I have since set up my own Blinkbox account and with the choice of either renting a movie (which is able to be watched for up to 48 hours) or buying a movie that will then stay in your account to watch whenever you please, the prices are excellent.  Not only that but there are a great supply of free films as well.

Ultraviolet is new to the UK and Warner Brothers are the first studio to launch Ultraviolet films that you can download and stream to either watch on your PC and Macs or downloads can also be made directly to compatible android, iPhone and Ipod devices via the Flixster App (available from the iTunes App store).

Blu-ray Triple DVD packs contain a UV Digital copy of your film that allows you again to view movies whenever and wherever you choose from the many choices of compatible hardware (see above).  With Warner Brothers having launched the service last year I am sure this will soon be the next step in movie viewing.

Although the services above take away the movie library that you can see on your DVD stands or bookshelves and the satisfaction of the collection you have compiled over the years that you can hold in your hand it does provide a solution to all those scratched discs that unfortunately happen and if , like me, you have masses of DVDs it also frees up storage space as your collection is held online.

Another major highlight of the day was a sneak preview of the new Lego Batman 2 game that is due for launch later this year.  We got to view the game in action on the huge cinema screen in the viewing room.  My children and I are huge fans of the Lego based games and they already own the Lego Starwars and Harry Potter games that have been played and replayed endlessly.  I love the whole concept of using Lego figure to represent superheroes or film characters yet still provide gaming entertainment that is also interactive in a co-op mode.

The Batman 2: DC Super Heroes game sees the Dynamic Duo joining forces with other famous DC characters including Superman to fight the evil villains Lex Luthor and The Joker from destroying Gotham City.

The game keeps the humour of the previous Lego based games such as Starwars and the animation was quite simply amazing.  Although I am not a fan of games that include fighting the very fact that they are Lego pieces that can be re-built takes away the violence aspect in some ways for me.  I love the sound the pieces make as you connect them together in the game and find the whole thing ingenious.  I know my children will certainly want to add the Batman 2 game to their others when it is released and I just know I will be there playing on it as well!

Supplied with an endless selection of food and drink and leaving feeling full of movie magic (and a fantastic Warner Brothers goodie bag full with Blu-ray 3D DVDs to enjoy along with popcorn, PS3 and X-Box games and a cute Dobbie toy that Little Man claimed as his) it was a fantastic day despite the very long journey.

Upon leaving the event I spotted a glass cabinet containing actual props from the Harry Potter films.  Sadly the Security man would not allow me to take photos of the items but again it gave me that little movie magic shiver.

My thanks go to Warner Brothers for my invite and gifts and for the chance to see the future of movies and gaming and it certainly looks very exciting!