Monday, 2 April 2012

Sistema Klip It Microwave Range- our thoughts

How many of us are guilty of just using our microwave for cooking jacket potatoes?  Microwave cooking is quick and actually uses less energy than turning on the cooker so I gave it a try using the Sistema new Microwave Range.

All the products in the Sistema microwave range are (obviously) microwave safe, dishwasher safe, freezer safe and are stackable so great for kitchens short on space.The first Sistema product I put to the review test was the Soup Mug.  The mug holds 656ml so is big enough for a standard can of soup and more.

Sistema, soup mug, soup, microwave, warm, review
Add your soup...

Sistema, soup mug, soup, review, microwave, heat, warm
... 'Klip it', open the vent and heat in the microwave

Sistema, soup mug, heat, review, soup, microwave, warm
During cooking the vent allows steam to escape
Heating the soup was simple but I really liked how easy the Sistema Soup Mug made the process with no having to stop the microwave, stir (whilst trying not to burn your fingers on the soup bowl!) and then start cooking again.  The soup mug stayed warm rather than hot so no scolded fingers and the handle made it easy to remove from the microwave.  Any steam during cooking was released through the vent in the lid.  Just open  stir and enjoy.

Washing the soup mug was really easy as well and the plastic used in the Sistema microwave products is BPA Free.

The Sistema Small Plate was really handy as you could use it to store left overs or a prepared dinner in the freezer and then just open the vent in the lid and pop straight in the microwave without the need to defrost.  It had a steaming rack included which was great for steam cooking vegetables for Little Mans lunch or if only a small quantity was needed.

Sistema, small plate, microwave, plate, steamer, review

For people that needed larger quantities steaming there was the Sistema microwave Steamer that comes in small medium and large - I tested the small.  Again it was a quick way of cooking, just add water to the base of the container then place the vegetables, fish or poultry into the plastic 'basket', clip down the lid, open the vent and place in the microwave.

Sistema, microwave, steamers, Klip it, review
The steamer basket is included...
Sistema, microwave, steamer, review, basket, Klip it, vent
..which was a generous size even in the small steamer.
I love the fact that the steamer basket has a spike for removing the cooked food out - made life much easier.  Again the vent on the lid means steam escapes whilst cooking and also helps stop your fingers getting scolded after the cooking process.  The small steamer would, in my opinion, be large enough to cook 2 meals of steamed vegetables for a baby.  Practical, easy to use and wash and can also be used to store unused food in the fridge or freezer.

I have been really impressed with the three Sistema items and as they can be used for containers for food in the fridge, freezer, on a picnic or just about anywhere else they are pretty handy - how did I get by without them before?
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