Monday, 9 April 2012

Raa Raa The Noisy Lion - Hufftys Interactive Train - our thoughts

I love how Little Man is learning through his play and discovering how things fit together.  Hufftys Interactive Train has been one of his favourites recently.

From the Raa Raa The Noisy Lion CBeebies series, Hufftys Interactive Train is a push along toy that not only plays the Huffty train tune but also features Huffty saying "Rooty Toot Toot".

Huffty, Raa Raa The Noisy Lion, Interactive Train, review
"Rooty Toot Toot"
Little Man LOVED IT! Place Huffty into his place in the first carriage (also supplied with 2 additional carriages) and he says "All Aboard" "Rooty Toot Toot" and when the train is pushed along a train sound is heard.  Huffty fits into any of the three carriages but only the first one is fitted with the character Smart Spot Play System to enable different phrases.

Hufftys Interactive Train was the first toy that was played with each morning and I liked the fact that although the carriages can be taken apart from each other they were easy to reconnect and also stayed connected quite well when being pushed along by a child.

What I didn't like was the packaging!!  All photos on the box show the 3 carriages with 3 characters in them but only one character is included in the box....

Raa Raa, Huffty, Interactive Train, toy, review, CBeebies series

... which you can see from the open packaging but what is not made very clear is that you will only achieve the 15 sounds and phrases advertised on the box by using all 3 characters together in the train at once and they are sold separately!

Next to the words in the orange circle (see above picture) about the 15 phrases is a tiny * which I have to say is very tiny and relates to a small one line of writing on the back of the packaging stating about the other characters. I was really sad that this information is not clearer for adults to see and the fact that children of the recommended age of 2 years+ can't read could mean a possibly disappointed child.  All pictures on the box show all the characters together and that is what children will see and expect from the toy.

The RRP for Hufftys Interactive Train is £16.99 but I do not know how much the additional characters cost.  I could only review the product for the 4 phrases available to us with the one Huffty figure.  Hufftys voice was clear and his words distinguishable.  The sound level of the voice was quite good and did not grate on the nerves after hours of play which was even better.

Little Man totally loved the toy and I did to apart from the unclear packaging.

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