Thursday, 5 April 2012

Natural and Clean eco-friendlier cleaning products - our thoughts

I do try, where ever budget allows, to buy products for the home that contain no nasty chemicals.  With a toddler I do worry about what he is inhaling but want to obviously have a clean house.

Natural and Clean have a range of products that clean and provide an answer to my worries. We have been reviewing several items from them - Dry Carpet Cleaner, Carpet & Fabric Deodoriser, Whoops A-Daisy liquid absorbing crystals and the Spot Remover.

The Whoops A-Daisy was not what I expected from the discription on the packaging.  Rather than crystals the product is a white powder that's rather handy for sprinkling on spills to absorb the liquid which then turns the spill into a gel like substance that makes it easy to wipe away. The reference to crystals is more about what happens to the powder when it is used.

Whoops A-Daisy, Natural & Clean, eco cleaning, non-toxic, review

I wasn't keen on the smell but it did do a great job off soaking up a cup of tea I spilt over the arm of the sofa by accident and it only took a couple of minutes..  Most 'standard' products have a fragrancing element to them but as Whoops A-Daisy is non-toxic and biodegradable I was happy to ignore this and was happy with the effectiveness of the product.

With four children and a dog in the house my carpet can look grubby quickly, especially on high traffic areas such as the stairs. I was not short of areas to try out the Spot Remover on.

Natural & Clean, Spot Remover, stains, carpet, cleaning, eco-friendly, non-toxic
Not sure what the mark was but it had to go...

Clean, Spot Remover, stains, carpet, cleaning, eco-friendly, non-toxic
I sprayed on Spot remover and worked from the outside inwards..

Clean, Spot Remover, stains, carpet, cleaning, eco-friendly, non-toxic
Stain removed... and you can see the evidence!
I was really impressed with the effectiveness of the Spot Remover and found myself looking for other marks to remove.  The spray was easy to use and the dirt on the white cloth shows how well it worked.

The Natural & Clean Carpet & Fabric Deodoriser was an instant way to freshen up.  I used it mostly on the stairs and as the product is safe for use around animals it was perfect for use on the dogs bed. No more 'dog smell'!  The smell was pleasant and not too 'heavy' and my only problem was with the trigger to spray it with.  When sprayed it leaked over my hands but hey made my hands smell nice!  Handy to keep around for a quick freshen up.

Lastly we tried the Dry Carpet Cleaner which I have to say proved a tough product to test.  It has a brush included to work the product in the carpet fibres but the hard part is getting it out of the bag without the granules going everywhere.

In the end I sprinkled the granules with the brush in the bag until I could free it to use.  The granules reminded me of damp play sand in consistency.  The size of the brush meant it would not be very good on large areas but I tried the product on my stairs as a test but the very design of the brush meant you could not get to the very back of the stair and so the product sat in a line there.

The packet says to leave 10 minutes or until the product is dry.  It took ages to dry and I have to say I needed every hoover utensil I had to get the line of granules from the back of the stair.  It did leave a faint fresh smell but I did not notice a real change in the carpet.  I was very disappointed by the Dry Carpet Cleaner and the consistency made it stick to your shoes and spread wherever you walked so be careful not to step in it as you distribute!

By far the star of the four products we tried was the Natural & Clean Spot Remover. Please check the Natural & Clean website for up to date product information including product ingredients.

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