Thursday, 19 April 2012

Interactive Patch hands free phone / MP3 / Ipod speaker - our thoughts.

Interactive Patch is a rather cute and cuddly pup that also happens to be a hands free speaker.

Suitable for use with mobile phones, iPod and MP3's by simply plugging into the standard jack on the side of the device as you would with a pair of headphones.

Patch may look like a cuddly plush animal but his mouth syncing and dancing abilities soon became evident...

handsfree, speaker, interactive, patch, dog, fun, gift
handsfree, speaker, dog, patch, review, interactive
Interactive Patch had us all in stitches when attached to Pre-teens iPod.  As soon as the music played the cute plush dog started dancing along and as soon as the words started he sang along and it was really impressive how the timing was so close it looked like he was actually singing the song as he danced.

Connect Patch to a mobile phone and when you answer a call the callers voice is played through Patch and again his mouth opens and closes as they speak - which we found hysterical.

Patch makes a great gift for all ages and especially those who love their music or difficult to buy for - who these days doesn't own a mobile phone or MP3?.  Patch is available to buy from Find Me a Gift along with an impressive range of great gifts for any occasion.