Monday, 30 April 2012

Hexbug Habitat Set from Find Me A Gift

Hexbugs are fun robotic toys that scurry around everywhere powered by cell batteries and now you can create your own habitat for your bugs.

The Habitat Kit is available from Find Me A Gift and the set contains 2 Hexbugs, 3 'rooms' and 7 pieces of track with easy to connect corridors so your robotics toys can rush and scurry round.  The shape of the pieces included in the set means you can create their own little track and even better can connect to other sets in the range (sold separately) to create a larger environment.

The joy of the Hexbug is that should they fall onto their backs they can automatically get themselves the right way back up and carry on.  The cell batteries are included in each bug and the movement is controlled by a simple on/off switch underneath. The Habitat set is compatible with any Hexbug Nano micro robots.

We are already big fans of the scuttling creatures and had a habitat set already so we joined the two together to make a larger set.

The set itself is currently on sale at Find Me a Gift along with several other Hexbug products.  Good fun for older children and they make a great gift idea.