Saturday, 7 April 2012

Do you believe in life after death?

With it being Easter we have had leaflets through the door about church services and it made me think about my believes.

I do not profess to be a Christian or a believer in God as such and I do admire those that have a belief system within their lives and envious of the comfort they must have from this.

I do believe in something - not a God but somewhere we go after this life is over.  I do believe there is an afterlife or somewhere we go and remember vividly stories from my Mum when she was alive about her beliefs that when it was 'your time' the person that meant the most to you would come to collect you so you were not in fear of what was next - I like this theory and it has helped me deal with my own fears and thoughts on what happens after this life.

I found a tape today whilst tidying the bedroom, from a reading I had done from a Spiritualist after my Mothers death but so far have not played it... Why? Am I scared that when I play something from 15 or more years ago I will realise that he was right in his predictions? Or because if they are have not as yet happened that it will make me look at my thoughts on the afterlife in a different way?  I want to believe those that I love that have died are taken care of and in a way live on somewhere else that I will experience with them when it is time - they live on in my heart and thoughts till then.

The tape has sat looking at me most of the day and I have ignored it.  I will play it I am sure at some point when the time is right.

My question is what do you believe in?