Friday, 27 April 2012

Is daytime television a reflection of modern society?

Is daytime television a true reflection of todays society?

I don't as a rule watch daytime television and much of the viewing in the house in the day would be for Little Man if at all.

However over the last 2 days I have turned on daytime television for the first time in ages and first off I sadly tuned into the 'entertainment' that is a well know reality talk show (I'm sure you have heard of it)  I was left wondering if there is anyone out in the world that actually knows who the Father of their child is?  Is being faithful to just one partner outdated or is infidelity the new medal to be worn with pride to then be shared and revealed to your partner in front of the viewing nation?

The two programmes I watched (yes I managed to endure two) were filled with lie detector tests performed on couples to ascertain whether or not they had slept with someone else during their relationship and these tests seemed to form the main basis of the show along with paternity tests some of which were a direct repercussion of their infidelities.  I am either out of touch with the 'real world' or a prude in my own life - not sure which but either way I can honestly say I would NEVER want or feel the need to appear on anything like it.

Are 'real' people so desperate for their 15 minutes of fame that this is the only way to achieve it?

In between the shows and it seemed in every advert break was a saddening amount of adverts for loans and 'information' on how to claim if you have had an accident.  I am sure that a lot of viewers (and I am not saying all before you all jump up in arms - yes there are a lot of shift workers out there) are people that are currently not working and for many money may be very tight in todays economic climate.  The loan adverts may appear to be providing a service but when you read the small print on the screen the APR was at times as high as 248% !! I find that shocking in itself but they are able to charge what they like if there is someone willing to pay it I suppose.

I feel sorry for those genuinely searching for work but are these types of adverts helping the situation? Is daytime television the perfect viewing vehicle to be able to aim at those in possible need of money or am I reading the whole situation in a cynical light?  If not is this a true reflection of todays society or have I somehow managed to live under a stone for the last few years?

I don't think I will be becoming a regular daytime television viewer, I am way too cynical !

I am also far too long in the tooth to believe that accident claims and high payback loans are the answer to any money trouble no matter how nice the advert sounds.