Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Book review - The Great Escape by Megan Rix

I am lucky in that my children love to read and The Great Escape was a great choice for Middle Son in both recommended reading age and in content.

Published by Puffin Books, The Great Escape tells the story of war through the eyes of three pets whose owners are sent to the Country to avoid the threat of the impending war. Buster is a lively Jack Russell dog, Tiger a feisty white and ginger tom cat and Rose a ever faithful collie.

'Before the bombs fell on London at the start of the Second World War, in September 1939 more than 400,000 cats and dogs died at their owner's behest in just four days. This was more than six times the number of civilian deaths throughout the entire country during the whole of the war. In total between 1939 and 1940, a staggering 750,000 pets were put down'  These little known facts set the scene for The Great Escape.

Although the sad facts above may seem a strange basis for a children book The Great Escape is fundamentally a story of animal survival and adventure during the war torn years of the Second World War.

The Great Escape is aimed at those aged 8 - 12 years and the story certainly engaged Middle Son at 10 years old.  The words size was "just right" according to my mini reviewer and he described the book as exciting and that each chapter made him want to read more about the adventures of the three pet friends as they made their escape across the country.

Although the book has no illustrations the writing style allowed my Son to visualise his own interpretation of the story which, in my eyes, shows a book that captures the imagination of the reader.  He could provide me with a good summary of the story which also showed to me his understanding of the story contents.

At 210 pages the book is suitable for the recommended age and Middle Son read the complete book without having to ask for much help with any words he didn't recognise which gave him a sense of reading achievement.  He enjoyed the book immensely and wanted to know if their were any more from the same Author, Megan Rix, that he could read next.

The Great Escape is published on May 3rd 2012 in paperback and E form and further details can be found on the Puffin website.

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