Monday, 26 March 2012

A wooden car with a difference - Automoblox X9 Purple SUV - our thoughts

As I mentioned in my previous Play Merrily review, Little Man is discovering cars at the moment.  He has always had 'a thing' about toys with wheels so the Automoblox X9 Purple SUV wooden car was met with much excitement.

Automoblox X9 SUV
A rather cool feature of the car is that it is a toy in itself but can also be connected to other Automoblox cars in the range to create a unique vehicle. 

The X9 SUV is made up of 4 main parts that push into one another to form the shape but can be broken down further and wheels removed to make it connectible to other Automoblox cars.  Although the car is suggested at age 3+  the car itself had no small parts that I could see other than the 4 purple people that fit into the seats.  Little Man happily played with the fully constructed vehicle as he would any other car and although constructed mainly of wood it was not too heavy for him to pick up or push along.

Separated into 4 main parts..

...then connected together.
The quality of the parts was very good and the pieces secured together easily and more importantly stayed together when used under play conditions.  I liked the 4 'people' that could be seated in the vehicle as it added a new dimension that I have not seen before in a car.  I do think to get the most out of the Automoblox car you would really need to connect it to the others in the range but there was still value in the one car as you can see from the photos of it in use below.

The Automoblox is available to buy from Play Merrily Toys priced from £23.95 and there is currently free UK shipping on orders over £15.00.  A great quality wooden toy that suits a wide range of ages.

My thanks again go to Merry at Patch Of Puddles.