Friday, 16 March 2012

Tyrrells now have Crinkly Veg!

I do like crisps and would have to list them as one of my favourite snacks, but Tyrrells have gone one step further with their new Crinkly Veg crisps.

Tyrrells Crispy Veg crisps
Crispy Veg crisps are still handcooked English crisps in keeping with the rest of the Tyrrells range but unlike their more tradition flavours Crinkly Veg is just that!  Beetroot, parsnip and carrot crinkled and handcooked into crisps with a rosemary and wild garlic flavour.

Tyrells beetroot crisp
At first sight the crisps obviously look different to what you may be used to, with reds, oranges and brown crinkly delights but I have to say I love the idea.  I am a big fan of root vegetables and so happily tried a pack (or two!) to give my opinion.  I didn't know what to expect and they didn't taste like much more than garlic flavour crisps as there was no distinct beetroot,parsnip or carrot taste to them but I think perhaps it could have been overpowered by the rosemary and wild garlic flavouring.

I wanted them to be a little more 'crisp' as well but I have to bear in mind they are root vegetables and may not crisp up in the same way as potatoes.  I loved the idea of the Crinkly Veg but sadly they were too garlicky for my own personal tastes.  I would eat them but I don't think I could eat a whole packet.

If you love Rosemary or Garlic you are on to a winner with the Crinkly Veg and I will certainly be looking to try the other vegetable crisps Tyrrells have to offer: Parsnip crisps with black pepper and sea salt, the delicious sounding Beetroot crisps with sea salt and Beetroot, parsnip and carrot with sea salt as they sound more appealing to a non-garlic lover like myself.

Tyrrells crisps contain no MSG or anything artificial are Gluten Free and vegetarian friendly and are available from supermarkets and stores countrywide - just look for the retro feeling bags with quirky black and white photos on the front.

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