Wednesday, 14 March 2012

But is it Suitable?

I think I am in danger of becoming a prude.

I was brought up wanting, like most teens, to be able to do and watch things that were beyond my years.  Ratings on films were not so prevalent to my memory but I have noticed film ratings more and more as my children become teens and adults.  When I asked to do or watch something my Mother deemed too 'adult' I was meet with "Don't wish your life away" or "If you do everything now you will have nothing to look forward to". I do believe ratings are there for a reason as is the 9pm watershed on television.

My daughter is 12 and when a film is advertised as a 12 rating she loves to be able to say "I can watch that now" and I can't really say much about that - it's a fact but as to whether I think it is suitable is another thing.  Having watched several 12 rating films with my daughter I am struck by some of the language and images that 12 rating film covers - see why I say a prude?

There are scenes of a sexual nature (to use the correct words) and words that I wouldn't want my teens using.   Ok I know that they are probably used, heard and understood by them but do I really want them hearing and seeing them at the, in my eyes, tender age of 12 in a film being watched at home?  I do swear but not usually in front of my children and sex is not a taboo subject in our house in the slightest but I find myself shocked at what film ratings think is ok for a 12 year old to watch.  A rating of 15 is no better and I wonder what the guidelines cover - sex references are fine but not full frontal imagery for instance.  The problem is that until a film is watched you don't know what exactly is contained within it.

Modern films seem to be pushing the boundaries with sex in the same way as music videos (Thought videos are usually not rated!) every music video it seems features scantily clad women in provocative poses but not so for any male featured in the video. How many scenes of women in hot pants and arse shaking can sell a song I wonder?  No wonder I see so many teens wearing outfits I just look at and think 'put a coat on love you must be cold'

I think I am going to be dragged kicking and screaming into having to accept this is a fact of modern life but do I have to like it?  A prude on my own or does anyone else have an opinion?