Monday, 12 March 2012

So much 'red tape' and where's the school nurse?

I am sure I am not the only person that has seen the world slowly but surely become covered in red tape.  It can feel at times every where you turn there is another rule that makes life a little more complicated.

Even simple things like school trips require forms, usually identical to the last school trip one,  to be filled in with medical information and asking questions such as ability to swim in different types of water - will they be swimming at the Theatre?   Would it not be easier to keep details on file to use and change as and when circumstances change?  The strangest one I find it that schools are not permitted to apply sun cream or administer Calpol even with a parents permission.  I understand some things are there to protect but surely if a parent gives written (another form!) permission shouldn't that be sufficient?  Is applying sun cream not giving a form of protection ok even if it is just to skin but with skin cancer rates on the increase it is important.

How long before we start saying children cannot go into the seat on trollies just in case we upset someone?  I have started to notice many supermarkets don't even put seat belts or reins in their trollies any more. Is it just another fear of being sued should a child hurt themselves on them rather than thinking without them they could fall out of the trolley?

And where's the School Nurse?  In my school we had a nurse on site who could give you a headache tablet, plaster or suchlike.  In fact we nicknamed our school nurse 'Jenny Rennie' as whenever you went to her with an ailment you always seemed to come away with a Rennie tablet no matter what your woe. Some schools have a nurse that comes on a rota (Children now don't feel ill more than once a term please!)  School nurses used to double up as 'Nit Nurses'  and we would all have our hair checked - no taboo as everyone was checked.  These days a letter sometimes doesn't even come home to say there is a outbreak at school as it may offend.

In my opinion our world is trying to be so politically correct and in doing so we start to create minorities.  By singling out a group or person we could offend or upset we start to look at who or what that person has or is rather than how we can help or even better just accepting we are all people.

Or am I missing the point completely?