Friday, 9 March 2012

Slimavite challenge 2012 - week 9 - A very hard week

This week has been the hardest update I have had to write but I feel it is so important I write it.

After last weeks 2 lb weight loss I thought I had reached the end of a down patch in my Slimavite journey.  It has been caused purely by a complete lack of motivation on my part and I don't know what is causing it.  It is easy to start the day as I normally would with a Slimavite shake and then by mid morning I have already starting sabotaging my Bite Plan by eating anything that I shouldn't be - crisps, chocolate and basically anything 'naughty'

Nice as a treat but my treat is all the time
I don't know what or when this spiral happened but I am tired of being on it, not sticking to the Slimavite plan has made me feel bloated, ill, tired and hampered with a constant headache (probably due to the crap I am eating if I am honest) I want and need to get out of the pattern I am falling into and get back to how it was last year.  I have the tools but I am not using them which is not like me at all.

I am lucky this week to have only gained 1lb but I know if I carry on eating the rubbish I am I will see those scales start back up the way I have happily seen them come down.  I am letting myself down and making myself fail - Argh I am so frustrated at myself!

Week 9 loss - 0 lb and 1lb gained
Weight left to lose til my target weight of 11 st - 2st and 2lb