Thursday, 29 March 2012

Slimavite challenge 2012 - week 12

So my last update I was optimistic I had seen the end of a lull in my Slimavite diet plan.  For those new to my Slimavite updates I have already lost 3 and a half stone prior to Christmas (all the weight I gained when pregnant)

I am now starting on a new challenge which is to lose the weight I have gained since getting married and prior to my pregnancy which stands at a further 2 stone and a few pounds.  My 2012 target weight is 11 stone.

Mothers Day brought chocolates, ice-cream and my favourite Mexicana cheese, of course my husbands reasoning was "I didn't realise you were dieting" What? Where have you been? Do you not live in the same house?

Luckily I wasn't keen on the brand of chocolates so I happily reluctantly shared those but was tempted (and gave in) to the Ice-cream and cheese. Come on I am human. So after indulging I knew what had to be done and back to the shakes it was.

After a slow start I was pleased this week to lose 2lbs.  With little or no temptation left in the house but with Easter egg filled cupboards looming, I am hoping to repeat this week with another loss.  Onwards and downwards...

Week 12 loss - 2 lb 
Weight left to lose til my target weight of 11 st - 2 stone

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