Sunday, 18 March 2012

Slimavite challenge 2012 - week 10

As a reported last week on my weekly Slimavite diet diary update I have been struggling to keep with the diet plan.  Not through anything to do with Slimavite itself but because of my own motivation.

This week has been thankfully a different story and I have been going back to basics and re-reading my blog posts from last year to see what has caused my slack.  I decided to do this after receiving the advice from Amy that organises my Slimavite shakes and it seems to have been very good advice as I have felt brighter and far more enthusiastic this week.

I have gone back to two shakes, one for breakfast and one for lunch, and then a balanced meal in the evenings.  When it came to weighing myself this week I wasn't disappointed that I had stayed the same at 13st and 2lbs as I know I cannot expect to see an instant weight loss but I am hopeful that next week I will see the results on the scales. Although I received some lovely chocolate, ice-cream and my favourite cheese for Mothers Day I have restrained myself from tucking in (I would have done 2 weeks ago!)

Looking forward to next weeks weigh in...onwards and downwards!

Week 10 loss - 0 lb 
Weight left to lose til my target weight of 11 st - 2st and 2lb 

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