Monday, 19 March 2012

Ravensburger 3D puzzles takes puzzles to a whole new level

Ravensburger has gone beyond the traditional flat puzzle that we all know and using new technology has taken puzzles upwards - literally!  We have been building the new 3D puzzle replica of the Empire State Building and it has been great fun.  The puzzle when completed stands at over 46cm in height and is really quite impressive.

The first difference you see with the 3D puzzles is that the pieces are made from plastic and 'edge' pieces are hinged, as the puzzle is not flat you are no longer looking for edges to start the puzzle but each piece is individually numbered so you simply start the puzzle at number 1 and connect the next numbered piece in the sequence to it.

.. numbered pieces tell you how to build your 3D puzzle.
With clear instructions in the supplied leaflet you can start building quickly. Each piece of plastic puzzle clicks into the next but we did find you had to make sure they clicked in firmly so the puzzle remained sturdy as the higher you built the harder it was to click in any pieces lower down the puzzle.

Our 3D puzzle begins

Plastic inserts act like frames to hold the building firmly in place

Upwards we go!

Last few pieces to add and the puzzle is complete
The suggested age range for the 3D puzzles is 10 years + and at 12 years my daughter soon got the hang of this new way of puzzle building although she did start the puzzle again when halfway up as the pieces were not quite clicked in and when she tried to rectify this some pieces pushed through and fell inside the puzzle.  The secret is nimble fingers and making sure the connection is clicked in firmly.

The 3D puzzles come in four different iconic designs, the Empire State Building, Big Ben, a red and white lighthouse and also the Eiffel Tower - I'm sure this range will soon grow to include more buildings.

We both really liked the idea of a puzzle that build upwards and the finished puzzle is now proudly on display.

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