Monday, 19 March 2012

The power of blogs...

We all know how awareness can be raised through blogging and this ability to raise awareness was made more than clear to me late last week.

I have met Emma from Emma and 3 and her lovely daughter at many blog events and have followed her posts on Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) as part of Healthy Hip Week recently.  You can read all about it here.  I was so grateful to Emma for her posts after reading them, let me explain why....

Little Man has been walking for about 4 - 6 weeks now and is 17 months old. He learnt to sit unaided and crawl what some may consider late but when I saw him walking and stumbling some time after first walking I knew I had to ask for advice.  He walks with his feet very wide apart (a wide 'gait') and stumbles most of the time. His left foot appears to drag slightly when walking also.  At first I bought him a push along pram so he could steady himself whilst walking but this had little effect.  Next I had him fitted for some proper shoes to see if it was the soft soled pram shoes he was using that weren't providing his foot support. The new shoes made it slightly better but still his walking stance remained the same.

In came Emmas DDH posts and I found that sufferers are more likely if they were breech or transverse lies in the womb, Little Man was both - a box was ticked in my conscience.  I decided to ring Emma for advice on the leg creases that can be evident in those with DDH and a talk in general about the condition which is unusual in boys.  Emma was more than helpful and said to visit the GP and push to be seen for an x-ray or second opinion if I wasn't happy with the advice given.

This morning I visit the Doctors and he said Little Man had not been walking long enough to gauge if anything was wrong (or something to that effect) and if there was still a concern after the Summer to come back. But he watched him walking and said the walking gait would change considerably as he became accustomed to being on his feet. One of the checks suggested through the awareness posts was to put both feet together flat on the floor and see if his knees were at the same level - to me they were slightly off so I pressed the Doctor to check.  He seemed reluctant but humoured me.  He said leg length was the same, knee height the same and then examined his hips, then admitting that one hip was slightly more pronounced than the other and he would refer him to a Paediatrician.  I sighed with relief that I was not imagining a problem with his walking and that I had stuck to my guns.

I shall now wait for an appointment to see the Paediatrician but without Emma and her blog I may not have even known what DDH was.  Although it may turn out to be something else or nothing at all I am grateful for the power of blogs.