Friday, 9 March 2012

National Science and Engineering week - we got involved...

We have also had great fun with the Wild Science Face Mask Laboratory.

The great thing about Wild Science kits is that they are aimed at either boys and/or girls and with the 'sciences' being more appealing to boys (in my experience!) I think it is a fun and educational way to get girls more involved in the subject in a hands on way.

Pre-teen (at 13 years) is very capable of following instructions and so I stood back and let her create her face masks which she admitted were "Pretty cool".  I love the fact that this, like the Lip Balm Laboratory, has a helpful container that holds the kits equipment.

Container holds all the equipment in one place for ease of use.
The instructions included in the pack were clear and easy to follow except one word that raised a question from Pre-teen... in the book it refers to perfume but on the bottle the label says fragrance, so after clearing up that the two were the same Pre-teen was soon measuring and mixing her face mask ingredients.

The finished face mask really did look like something you would buy from the shop and I was impressed how easy Pre-teen had put it all together.  Next was to see how well it worked!

I had great fun smearing the face mask on with the spatula.  After waiting the suggested time in the instructions the mask was washed off.  I have to say I could see a difference in my daughters skin and I can't wait to try one myself now.

A fun way of bringing science into kits that are appealing to girls, and providing hands on evidence that there is science involved in nearly everything - even face masks!.
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