Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mothers Day gift box craft activity

Tesco Magazine have a rather thrifty and clever idea to make your Mothers Day present even more personalised with a special gift box idea.

We have joined in with the fun after watching the ideas video on the Tesco Magazine website.  As this is a gift for Mothers Day, Pre-teen was in full artistic control and got started by wrapping a cardboard box in plain paper, added some glitter writing,  then set about adding sequins, bows, glitter and anything that took her fancy to create this unique, one of a kind gift box.

After wrapping a box in plain paper the art begins!
Pre-teens finished gift box.

Every one of the four sides....

... was personalised with different sequins...

... and sparkles.....

... and even some gem stones!

The finished box is a gift in itself... can't wait to see what Pre-teen put inside for Mothers Day!  Why not have a go at a personalised gift box yourself - there's some great ideas to get you started on the Tesco Magazine video.