Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Join Bear Grylls’ & Persil and get children outdoors plus the chance to win a day with Bear himself #persiltopten

I have many fond memories of playing outside when I was a child.  Days spent on rope swings over the canal or playing at the park but sadly many children these days are spending most of their time indoors.

As a child we played 'British Bulldog', 'What's the time Mr Wolf?' and 'Blocky 1,2,3' among other games but many children these days have forgotten how to or never learnt simple and fun outdoor activities such as..

Building a rope swing...
...or playing outdoors games like Hide & Seek
Today’s children are spending significantly less time than their parents did having adventures outside and, as a result, have missed out on learning the great outdoor skills that were once taken for granted.  Over half of UK adults played outside everyday when they were young, compared to just 24% of kids today; a decline of almost half.

According to new research by Persil Small & Mighty, one in 10 under tens never play outside and a third stay indoors and rely on ready-made fun instead of making their own.
When parents were young, they learned outdoor skills such as tying a rope swing and building a den, so Persil has teamed up with the ultimate face of outdoor adventure and dad of three, Bear Grylls, to inspire families to shake off the constraints of modern life and remember some simple outdoor pleasures.
With that in mind, Persil and Bear have created a ‘Top Ten Things To Do Before You’re Ten’ handbook, designed to get kids playing, having fun and getting mucky!
So with Spring nearly here why not download the Persil Small & Mighty and Bear Grylls ‘Top Ten Things...’ guide, and see more information on how to win an adventure day with Bear for your kids, visit - let's get outdoors!
This blog post is to raise awareness of the Persil & Bear Grylls campaign and the prize is offered by Persil, details of the competition are above.  This blog is not responsible for competition entries or prizes.